Modern Art is Just Wierd

¡Hola! I’m sorry that it has been a while since my last post. My classes have started to pick up speed so I’ve been slightly pressed for time lately as I try to keep up with all the reading that comes from taking classes in the humanities field. I have a literature class, a culture class, a religion/science philosophy type class, and an education/art class. My poor highlighters! So much reading!

I did manage to carve out some time this weekend to visit the park at Quinta Normal with a friend of mine in the program. The park itself is gorgeous. It features a pond where you can pedal boat and look at ducks, many fountains, and several museums: the Chilean National Museum of Natural History, the Museum of Memory and Human Rights, the Science and Technology Museum and the Railway Museum.

We took a stroll over to the MAC (Museo de Arte Contemporáneo/Museum of Contemporary Art) and that’s when things got weird. At least I think modern art is pretty weird. Sometimes I think its actually just a contest between the artists to see who can be wierder. Getting in was super cheap for students-only $800 and free with a Universidad de Chile student ID, which I don’t have yet. Its a fairly small museum but worth the visit. There were several of these small rooms with black curtains over the doorway and it was always a little bit terrifying to pull back the curtain to see what was inside. Especially because the first curtain we came to opened into a tiny pitch black room with a projector showing nightmarish laughing clowns with pointy teeth. After that, you get a little thrill of terror every time you pull back a curtain.

Here are the pictures I took, again to see more information just click the full screen button in the bottom right hand corner and then click show info at the top of the screen!