Un poema inspirador de Amado Nervo

I liked this poem that I read in my Mexican Literature class, I felt like it was really relevent to me since I will be so far away from the people and places that I love. It is a comforting thought that in spirit I will never be far from home, even when my body is thousands of miles away. Maybe in the future I’ll add a voice recording of myself reading the poem for the benefit of my non-hispanohablante friends and family. For now, my own (amature) English translation is available below.

Nada está lejos de ti: por Amado Nervo

Nada está lejos de ti. ¡Las distancias! ¿Qué importan las distancias? Bien sabes que las distancias sólo son para tu cuerpo. Tu alma se halla cerca de todas las cosas. Más aún: tu alma está en la esencia misma de todas las cosas. Sin tu cuerpo, ni la luz, con sus trescientos mil kilómetros por segundo de velocidad, igualaría el vuelo de tu pensamiento. Si bien se mira, todo se encuentra a tu alcance. No hay estrella a la que no puedas llamar tuya. Mueve tu pensamiento con libertad absoluta. Acostúmbralo a los altos vuelos progresivos. Intenta el record de altura … Déjale ir y venir a través del universo, cada día te darás así más cuenta de la apariencia y la mentira de tu jaula. Con la noción de tu libertad inmensa, aumentará tu apetito de posesiones eternas.

Nothing is far from you: by Amado Nervo (translation by yours truely)

Nothing is far from you. Distances! What do distances matter? You know well that distances are only for your body. Your soul is situated close to all things. Moreover: your soul is the very essence of all things. Without your body, not even light, with three hundred thousand kilometers a second of speed, would equal the flight of your thoughts. If one looks hard, everything can be found in your reach. There is no star that you cannot call your own. Move your thoughts with complete freedom. Become accustomed to the high progressive flights. Try for the record of altitude…Stop with the going and coming across the universe, every day you realize more the appearance and the lie of your cage. With the idea of your immense liberty, your appetite for eternal possessions will grow.