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So Where Are You Going, Again?

Hey everyone! I know the american education system did a terrible job teaching us all geography, so here’s a little information about Santiago, Chile, where I will be spending 20 weeks of my life away from all of you guys 😦

First, I trust you all know that Chile is located in South America.  In the map of South America on the left, Chile is in light pink. Chile has an area slightly larger than Texas, or to put it in a perspective my people will understand, about 188 Rhode Islands, give or take a few Aquidneck Islands.  I will be studying in Santiago, which is the capital and located about in the middle of the country as you can see from the map on the right. About 40% of the country’s population lives in Santiago. I’ve also included the Chilean flag:

Map of South America          Map of Chilean cities    Chilean Flag

After the overthrowing of the dictator Pinochet in 1989, Chile has enjoyed a peaceful unitary presidential constitutional republic, which means they have a constitution, an elected president, and democracy. The U.S. Department of State considers Chile one of the safest and most stable countries in South America to live and work in. Chileans enjoy a relatively low rate of violent crime, a life expectancy of 76, and 96% literacy. They have a large, stable, well-educated middle class and are known to be a friendly and welcoming people.

Because Chile is located in South America, their seasons are the opposite of ours. That means that while I will be leaving the cold, damp dreariness of the New England later winter behind, I will be enjoying the balmy warmth of the late Chilean summer. I will be there for most of their autumn, and return in July to the nice humid heat of the New England summer. Not a bad deal, I think!

Here’s a nice fact sheet from National Geographic about Chile. And here is the Wikipedia page if you want more in-depth info

If you are curious about exactly what I will be up to while I’m 5,196 miles away? This is a link to the program page through IFSA-Butler. Read it and be filled with a jealous rage!!


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