It’s the Circle of Study Abroad!

It’s the circle of study abroad / And it moves us all! / Through embassies and airports! / Through passports and visas! / Till we find our program / and the right host country / It’s the circle, the circle of study abroad!

I’ve gone full circle, from my own study abroad adventure to helping others to find theirs! I just got accepted into IFSA-Butler University’s Global Ambassadors Program. They invite students who are recommended by their overseas program directors and staff to apply. Those accepted into the program work on their home campuses to promote studying abroad (especially with IFSA-Butler of course). I will be asked to meet with and assist my region’s field director when she visits my campus, complete a reflection project that expresses my experience abroad, and to organize events on campus geared towards encouraging others to study abroad. If I complete all of these tasks I get a stipend of $150, plus there are funds available to help me with my events.

I am really excited to have this opportunity because I see helping others to go abroad as giving back for the amazing experience I had. I really hope that I can successfully persuade others to study abroad because it’s really much more do-able than people think and there are many more resources out there to help than people know about. For example, I’d like to reach out to those who also have large tuition scholarships at my university, because they may not know that their scholarships also cover tuition abroad in approved programs. Also I would like to link this into my upcoming student teaching, to encourage high school and middle school students to study foreign language and also to pursue college dreams!

As an update on my persona well-being, I am really happy that I have stayed in contact with my Chilean friends over the wonders of the internet! Also my brain still seems to be operating in Spanish: I just came back from a family vacation and my sister (whom I shared a room with) informed me that every night in my sleep I would half sit-up in bed and yell or grumble angrily at her in Spanish. She has no idea what I said, but one night I seemed to be complaining about a gato (cat). So…yeah. I will be keeping you all posted on my progress over the semester in this program but for now, ¡Hasta luego!